Covid-19 and the law relating to food

The presentation from the webinar broadcast on 16 September, 2020

Although it is highly unlikely that people can contract Covid-19 from food or food packaging, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the food supply chain from production through to retail. This has increased the risks to the health and safety of consumers.

This presentation will consider the impact of Covid-19 on:

  • The law relating to food safety and hygiene;
  • Food information, labelling and claims;
  • Increased opportunities for food fraud and other criminal activity;
  • Non-compliance and enforcement

The speaker

Ian Thomas specialises in food law and related disciplines such as animal welfare. He practises from 6 Pump Court, Temple and from ITA in the Republic of Ireland. He is an elected Fellow of the Society of Food Law and Technology and is recognised in the legal directories. He is the author of ‘A Practical Guide to the Law Relating to Food’ and ‘Covid-19 and the Law Relating to Food in the UK and Republic of Ireland’.

Speaker:                  Ian Thomas, 6 Pump Court

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