Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021

In accordance with the Health and Safety Lawyers’ Association (HSLA) rules, Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the HSLA will be held in person at:

Fishmongers’ Hall
London Bridge

1730 – 1830 on Friday 20 May 2022.

The meeting and vote is open to all current HSLA members – any member wishing to attend should give prior confirmation to HSLA Administrator, Anna McNeil, so that joining details may be provided.

The meeting will transact the following business:

Annual General Meeting

Special Resolution
To consider and vote on the draft Resolution appended to this Notice
Chair’s Report for 2021
Treasurer’s report for 2021
Election of Treasurer
By order of the HSLA Committee
Anna McNeil, Secretariat
30 April 2022

Special Resolution

That the current terms of the officers due to expire in 2022 as set out below should be extended until an AGM to be held in May 2023

Vice Chair

There is a proposal to extend the current term for the Chair, Vice-Chair (and Hon Sec) roles for twelve months (to May 2023) without the election that is currently scheduled to take place. The reason for this proposal is that the committee has agreed that after more than fifteen years, the current constitution of the HSLA and the formation of the committee should undergo a fundamental review with a number of reforms already identified.

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