Trust me, I'm an expert...

A team from Finch Consulting comprising Sue Dearden and professional experts Dr Steve Cowley and Melvin Sandell discussed:

  • the key differences between requirements for experts and their evidence in the civil and criminal courts;
  • how experts might assist with a reasonable practicability defence, with sentencing band allocation and with mitigation;
  • what to look for and include when selecting and instructing an expert – and what to avoid;
  • ensuring constructive expert meetings;
  • admissibility of expert evidence;
  • challenging the prosecutor’s expert, and
  • managing the costs of expert evidence.

Introduction and Discussion forum (Q&A) chair, Colin Moore, Member of the HSLA Events Committee. Following the presentation, Sue Dearden, Melvin Sandell, and Steve Cowley were joined by Dr. Richard Brown to take any questions posted during the presentation.

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