The Lost Cause? The Bosley Mill Explosion Trial

HSLA Webinar. 20th July 2021

Webinar Host Amy Sadro, HSLA Vice Secretary and Member of the HSLA Events Committee

Image courtesy of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Dominic Kay QC, Simon Antrobus QC , Malcolm Galloway and Mark Balysz from Crown Office Chambers provide an insight into the legal arguments and strategy that led to the dismissal of the 8 manslaughter charges in this case, together with the eventual collapse of the trial of two of the company’s “managers”.

The talk focused on the catalyst for this surprising conclusion, namely the issue of causation, examining the criminal law approach towards causation, principally concerning manslaughter but also with application to health and safety prosecutions more generally, and sentencing.

It was a trial that managed to encapsulate the broad spectrum of issues that arise in safety-related prosecutions, and the strategy of dealing with such matters in a multi-defendant case will be examined in conjunction with the legal issues.

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